What This Dog Does When It Sees This Baby Crying? Incredible!


“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” Don’t we all nod in agreement with Agnes Sligh Turnbull on this? Dogs are symbol of unconditional love, care and compassion. These furry canines see Gods in their masters and would follow them to the end of the world if need be. Recent research suggests that dogs see us as their family and would run to their humans seeking protection and comfort when in distress. They would nag you to play throw and would slobber you with kisses when you return home from work. The fur balls would even gauge your mood and offer solace when you are upset. Dogs are also known to suffer from post-traumatic-stress-disorder upon their owner’s death.

The close association dogs share with their human parents is threatened when a new born baby joins the family. The feelings of jealousy are normal as earlier all the attention that was lavished on him is now divided. So dog behaviorist suggest the canines must be trained properly before introducing to the new born.

However amidst all doubts over the reaction of a dog towards the new born, this tiny little pooch displays commendable compassion towards his human sibling. The baby is crying out loud and even the mother is unable to pacify him. The dog immediately runs to the baby and tries to calm the baby. The mother offers a biscuit, which the dog immediately takes and in the most un-caninely behavior gives it to the crying baby. The baby senses the dog and stops crying. It is just another incident which proves that dogs will always keep their family above everything else. The unconditional love they offer is irreplaceable and time and again the notion that dogs can pose a threat or are dangerous is proved wrong.

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