This Conspiracy Theory About 9/11 That Reveals Things That Are Hard To Digest!


9/11 sounds like a curse even today and the September 11th, 2001, attacked can never be forgotten by people. A series of four attacks demolished the twin towers of the World Trade Center, US, turning it into ruins within a few minutes. The attack shocked people round the globe and the thought of the innocent lives lost in the horrific deed make hearts ache. The huge buildings were crashed by approaching planes which were hijacked for the purpose by the suicide quad members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. The terrorist organization hijacked four passenger airplanes which were on their way to California beginning the journey from the US East Coast airports. The suicide squad comprised of 19 members, and they flew the planes right into the middle of those 110-story Twin Towers. The scenario was too terrifying turning the Tuesday morning into a miserable day that will be there in the history as one of the most horrendous incidents of all time.

With regard to this tragic incident that struck the lives of those present inside the twin towers as well as their family members and loved ones, several theories have surfaced in recent times. Amongst speculations about Israeli agents playing a major role and hijackers having contributed to the attacks, the one that has been touched upon here is the suspected insider trading theory. What we see here is a big question about how swiftly everyone seemed to have zeroed in on the culprit, i.e., Osama Bin Laden. It all appeared to have been too easy, one, for the FBI, two, for the government, and three, for Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfield. Those who demanded a thorough investigation be made into the entire incident were paid back with delay, lack of funds and failed results. They were labeled as crazy conspiracy theorists and were on many occasions shunned by those who had blind faith in the government. We see throughout that the intentions of those in power have been doubted thoroughly. Though Osama hasn’t been left out of blame completely, it is more of a probe into certain suspicious decisions taken by the authorities in question.

Conspiracy theories regarding this ghastly incident crop up every day with new suspects and new accusations. Though none of these theories have been not be backed with any substantial evidence, the question as to who is the real mastermind and what was the actual motive behind this gory crime is yet to answered.