Unusual And Cute Reaction Of A Cat


We always associate cats with certain idiosyncrasies, such as the fact that they hate water, they hate dogs and they love fish (eating them, of course). However, those of us who live with cats, or at some point of time, have had a feline companion, would beg to differ.

Cats can actually become great friends with dogs. Quite contrary to the famous idiom, “fight like cats and dogs”, felines and canines most often get along quite well if they are raised in the same household together. Dogs take on a protective role, while the cats are spoilt to the core. Most cats hate water, but there are some that do not mind a bath, if not absolutely look forward to it. My cat never liked water, but had moderate tolerance towards it, ensuring that I never got clawed at while bathing him. Oh, and yes, felines do love eating fish. I am not quite sure about the raw ones, but cooked fish is always a treat they look forward to.

This cat breaks the convention in many ways; first, he’s playing in a bath tub filled with water. He seems completely unconcerned about those little things a feline should expectedly be finicky about. He doesn’t care that his paws are getting wet, or the fact that he has droplets of water all over his face. To top that, when he suddenly notices a large fish in the bath tub, he doesn’t exhibit the natural predator instincts that cats are so well-known for. This cat should have jumped at the opportunity of getting a free meal, but instead of pouncing at the fish, he ends up playing with it. Cats are curious, and so is this adorable darling. He seems like he has no inkling about the fact that fish is supposed to be a cat’s favorite food. He is just preoccupied with something that is moving in his bath tub, often coming too close for comfort. The feline does try touching it, but the fish keeps moving away, leaving the cat even more mesmerized by it. In fact, he’s only playing with the fish, till the cat gets out of the bath tub, leaving the potential prey absolutely unscathed.

Have you ever experienced cats like this one, on their best behavior? If you have, go on and pass it on.