He Recorded This Crow Do Something n Really Surprising!


The Kingdom Animalia abundant with species that display intelligence quotient much higher than other living creatures. We see intelligence in not only giant creatures such as elephants and chimpanzees, that are known for their usage of tools but also in creatures as minute as ants and spiders. Ants coordinate among members of a large colony in activities such as gathering food, building a nest or surviving in the face of a calamity. Apart from terrestrial animals such as sea lions and dolphins even display a high quotient of intelligence. In fact sea lions possess logical ability which allows them to infer that if a=b and b=c, then a=c.

We all have heard our grandma recite the thirst Crow’s story. What appears to be a fable might actually be proof of the bird’s intelligence. Recent studies have revealed that a crow’s intelligence quotient might be compared to an average seven year old. The bird has high level of cognitive intelligence and never forgets a face. Also a fast learner, crows can be taught to speak if trained from an early age.

Here we can witness an instance which corroborates to the fact that crows are really intelligent creatures. The crow walks towards the bathroom listening to the sound of a running tap and upon reaching there closely inspects the water level in the tub. Once it feels the water in the tub is sufficient for it to take a bath, the crow jumps into the tub and splashes itself with water. The bird thoroughly cleanses itself with water and then finally comes out of the tub. It then walks to the living room where it perches on a chair and dries itself.

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