Top 10 Water Slides That Will Make Your Heart Race Like Never Before!


Human beings have a general tendency to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again, and we always seek ways to break the monotony. We often take a respite from the various routine works by engaging ourselves in various sports. Encountering adventure is what excites and thrills us, and when adventure meets sports, we are sure to get some adventurous experience. They together constitute ‘adventure sports’ and these have become a rage among people of different age groups. One of the most audacious of the adventure sports is the waterslides and we have compiled ten of the most daredevil ones from round the globe to help you trash that boredom out of your life.

10. Insano, Beach Park, Brazil
Located in the Beach Park, Brazil, Insano truly is an insane waterslide as at the blink of an eye the rider is taken from high altitudes into the water. The view from the top of the slide is beautiful as we get a magnanimous sight of the Atlantic Ocean.

9. Jumeirah Sceirah, Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai
In the Jumeirah Sceirah waterslide, the earth under our feet actually moves, leading us, in a fraction of seconds, straight through a canal. We are hit by the force of water holding our arms close to our chest.

8. L2, Worgi Park, Austria
The Worgi Park is the first to have a double-looping waterslide named the L2. Visit the Worgi Park in Austria and get the ride of your life.

7. Big Thunder, Rapids Water Park, USA
Carrying a raft with a few people via a dark tunnel, this slide takes a steep turn and drops the raft at 45 degree, leading people to feel the Zero-Gee experience.

6. Atlantis, Bahamas Water Park, Paradise Island
If you want to experience what the man in Temple Run goes through, then the Bahamas Water Park offers the Atlantis to make you feel the same.

5. Aqualoop, White Water Park, USA
This vertical slide will give you alarming moments when you go through the Aqualoop at the White Water Park in USA.

4. Boeing 747, Wings & Waves Waterpark, USA
The waterslider at the Wings & Waves Waterpark is designed to replicate a Boeing 747, and thus the name. Various sliders begin from the exit doors of the aircraft and lead you to a swirling ride.

3. King Cobra, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, USA
The 56 feet high and 256 feet long cobra structured waterslide is one of the major attractions at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Park. The exciting slide that begins from such a height brings us through many twists and turns and we hit the mouth of the enormous slide to get a swing.

2. Summit Plummet, Walt Disney World, USA
Cross your arms and hold them tight to yourself, as you embark on the Summit Plummet at the Walt Disney World. If you are taking the ride for the first time, you seriously cannot have any idea how far you are about to reach and how fast.

1. Family Boomerango, White Water West, USA
The Family Boomerango offers some boomerang moments when we actually reach back to the place where we start the ride from, before heading towards the many whirls through the slide.
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