Their Female Friend Warns Them That She Will Not Go Out Without Make-Up. When They See Her? OMG!


Women have been wearing makeup for centuries now. Whether it’s going out for work, a party, a date with that special someone, or even simple grocery shopping, most women prefer applying a dash of foundation, a tad bit of blush, a little mascara and some lipstick. Though time isn’t always a lady’s best friend, she still usually manages to look good before she steps out of home. While for some, it’s as simple as a ritual they know they’ve got to do just because they have observed their grand moms and mothers performing, for others it is an opportunity to see a different ‘you’ each day. Whatever be the reason, most ladies like to look pretty, and makeup gives them that chance to be as presentable as they want to. Older women apply makeup to look younger, and teenagers do so to appear older. Most often, it isn’t about what others think about their appearance. Instead, this practice, even if it is as uncomplicated as applying eye-liner, gives a woman the confidence she needs and deserves.

Men however never seem to understand what this “obsession” with makeup is. For their mind, that is never too complex, the question isn’t about how a woman looks. Most of the time, they will not care about your appearance, as long as they like the person you are. Maybe that’s why your male friends think you’re batty when you insist that you wouldn’t meet them unless you’ve had your daily dose of makeup on. As for the boys, never disregard a woman’s assertion that her makeup ritual is absolutely necessary.

For those who have never seen their girlfriends without the usual greasepaint, BEWARE! As you see here, a group of friends is waiting for a female companion to leave with them for an outing. She refuses though, from behind the door, frustrated that she still hasn’t got any makeup on. Naturally, the rest of them are quite exasperated, trying to convince her that it is a silly excuse. The friends eventually decide to barge into her room, so they can drag her along with them. What they don’t know is that the scariest sight on earth awaits them! Though slightly exaggerated, at least women feel they look as devilish as the woman shown here. So, here’s the important lesson, dear men…next time your lady tells you that she is out of makeup, go out and get it for her. Don’t scoff at her or mock her because then, all hell will break loose!