What Happens When They Put This Monkey In A Sink Bath….I Squealed!


Evolution of man was a must inclusion in our school syllabus making us aware of the theories associated with it. Thus, we assume that we are the descendants of monkeys and sometimes this fact even amuses us. Keeping out of consideration what is proved and what is not, the mention of evolution adds humour to our conversation when we engage in light talks, often teasing our friends calling them a lineage of monkeys, LOL!

Monkeys are playful creatures and we often see them in our neighborhood doing all sorts of tricks and creating annoyance among passersby. However, even though we have come a long way since evolution, from the Stone Age to the age where robots are real, we did not forget the kinship we had with the species. Homo sapiens are seen taming monkeys, building a strong relationship that is amusing to onlookers. Sometimes it is so intense that it seems humans are caring for another human. Here we see how a lady domesticated a monkey. She is caring for the monkey in the best possible way and giving the creature a shower is included in the curriculum. The animal too is enjoying being pampered and is cooperating with the mommy. The lady brush through the hair, gives a manicure, cleans the ears with an earbud and the pet seemingly enjoys all of these. Sitting quietly on the brink of a sink with apparently no movement at all, the monkey is having a gala time. Dozing off with the tickle in the ear, enjoying every bit of the shower regime, the cutie pie looks way too lovable than usual. The monkey seems to be an old man who had been long lost and estranged from his family for a long time. When he returned home after ages, the awaiting family is welcoming him with open arms. The best part is when the being holds the toothbrush and starts brushing through the teeth. A human was struck by a weird thought of giving a shower to the tiny being and the animal too had full faith on the mommy, letting her do the cleaning session in peace.

It is amazing how the monkey did not even make the slightest noise nor create any fuss while the lady did her part. Many, who think monkeys are mischievous and are always up to something, will definitely have to consider their notions and it is surely going to impact their thoughts.