Her Baby Goat Was Acting Strange, So She Recorded, Catching Him Doing This!


If you are looking for something to lighten up the mood within two minutes, then you have come to the right place. Here, strange as it sounds, these baby pygmy goats are just two to three days old. Through the two minutes you can see these cute little domestic pygmy goats shake their legs and tap their feet in excitement and make a few dance steps my two left legs might never replicate. If you have seen the cartoon ‘Happy Feet,’ the happy odd penguin who can shake a leg and uses that as a means to save his species, then watching this pygmy will help you reminisce the cartoon’s adorability content.

Pygmy goats are domestic goats that are usually kept as pets but are also used as working animals in the fields and producers of milk. Their ability to acclimatize to any climate quickly makes them handy in various tasks. While a section of our viewers were surprised to see these baby pygmy goats active and adorable just two days after birth, the fact is that pygmy goats are precocial animals, which mean that they are active and mobile right from the time of birth. A day after birth, Pygmy goats can stand, walk and go around independently unlike most other animals that need time to mature to perform basic tasks. Like the Pygmy goats, some birds too which are precocial can open their eyes as soon as they are born and flap their wings away from the comfort of their nests in a few hours from birth. Besides being precocial, pygmy goats are also polyestrous which means that they can litter three to four younglings after a gestation of five months. Although they can conceive just after two months, it is healthier for them to conceive after a year from birth, hence zoo keepers keep them away from active male pygmies during this period of growth.

Pygmy goats originated in the Cameroon valley and during the 1950’s were transported from the United Kingdom to the United States by zoo keepers. Soon they were kept as pets because of their friendly and cute nature, and today are housed by many in the west. Another observation made is that Pygmy goats love elevated structures like steps to jump on and see this as a past time just like what you will see. The adorability of this animal at a young age would flush anyone with excitement and if you think the same, click on the ‘share’ button to spread the cuteness.