Have Fun Watching These Guilty Dogs


Dogs are like children who need to be monitored and trained. Despite all your best efforts sometimes your pooch goes out of control and ends up making a mess in the house. Especially if they’re left alone at home, dogs are more prone to indulge in cataclysmic activities.

Here you can see the dogs being reprimanded for being naughty but honestly don’t you think it is impossible for one to scold these cuties when they’re looking at you with such puppy eyes? In the first story, mommy is asking Sandy and her bigger sister who has pooped in the kitchen and the elder one promptly pats sandy on her head indicating the culprit. Mommy then turns to Sandy asking if she’s the one who was naughty and the pooch is all ready to plead guilty as charged. Next we have the notorious Brady who has finished all the cookies momma had saved for the guests. She started munching on one and then couldn’t stop. Brady is like Momma it’s not my fault you make such nice cookies. Moving on we have DOG who has conveniently turned a deaf ear to dad and is busy scratching his back on the sofa. He knows dad will clean the mess on the carpet anyways. Mojo, the Chihuahua is trying his best to work his charm on mommy who is mad as Mojo was involved in a toilet disaster. Bonnie, the lovable darling, took too much liking for his new toy and in his excitement ended up ripping it apart. Jazzy and her brother are in trouble for redecorating the living room, though they have done a pretty good job at it. Next in the list is Tyler, who was caught red-handed while eating off the counter. Our boxer buddy is in a dilemma whether to own up the fact that he was the one who created the mess and tore up the Christmas present or put the blame on his sister Laila. Zyggy couldn’t resist the temptation to pour out the garbage and her Beagle buddy rummaged the toilet making a mess of toilet paper. The German Shepherd and Doberman brothers are in knee-deep trouble as dad caught them chewing up mommy’s underpants. Ashamed, the two flee from the crime scene. Somebody got a little carried away while walking in daddy’s garage and ended up tearing his papers. It was highly irresponsible of dad he should have kept the papers somewhere safe. Mylo the tiny Chihuahua was having a gala time playing with his new soft toy until things got rough and teddy bear started a fight with him. Mylo had to defend himself; it’s unfair of momma to scold him for a fight that teddy started.

Do you have any naughty dog stories to share? If you had fun watching these guilty dogs do share with your friend and family.