Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Of All Time!


What is common to a few iconic people like Adolf Hitler and some unforgettable events in history such as the ‘World War II’? Both have been linked to various conspiracy theories, which have been a topic of debate amongst the masses for a long time. Many of these conspiracy theories have existed for decades, yet there is no concrete explanation to prove their correctness. For instance, the mysterious death of an Indian freedom fighter named Subhash Chandra Bose (which apparently happened around 70 occurs ago) had suddenly become a subject of great curiosity in the media circles of the Asian sub-continent recently. While some say that he died in the 1940’s due to a plane crash, many claim that Bose lived for many more years.

This list consists of 10 conspiracy theories which have intrigued many for quite some time. One of them is a theory surrounding the great German dictator Adolf Hitler. According to sources of history, Hitler had committed suicide to avoid being captivated by the Allied forces, which wanted to get rid of the Nazi regime. However, a few researchers are of the opinion that the great dictator didn’t kill himself and instead moved to Argentina and spent the rest of his life in exile. They also claim that a body double of Hitler was killed to create an impression that the Nazi leader had indeed committed suicide. Books like ‘Grey Wolf’ have spoken in length about the death of the infamous Hitler.

The eminent William Shakespeare too has been in the news due to a few conspiracy theories surrounding him. The literary works of Shakespeare have mesmerized many across the world and have inspired many to turn towards writing. However, many are of the opinion that a few of his works haven’t been penned by the famous writer. Several individuals say that Shakespeare could have been a fictitious name used by authors of ancient times. While a few others claim that the works of renowned scholars of the past such as Francis Bacon, Lord Oxford and Christopher Marlowe are actually the creators of the plays which are recognized today as Shakespearean works.

The United States has been slammed on many occasions for the many conspiracies revolving around a few infamous events of the country’s history. One such controversy is the devastating attack on the Pearl Harbor. It is believed that the U.S government, which was then administered by Franklin Roosevelt, was well aware of the tragedy which was coming its way. However, the government decided to stay mum so that it gets an opportunity to attack the Japanese and thus become a part of the World War.

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