Top 10 Mysterious Places On Earth You Can’t Visit Even If You Want To!


“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” said Mark Twain and his words cannot be more truer in context of these places. Here’s a list of top 10 places that is prohibited for human entry. Make sure to strike off these names from your travel itinerary. Bohemian Grove, California, USA is a camp-ground which is exclusively open to members only. Not only that, membership is only granted to males in the Bohemian art club ever since its inception in 1878. The members of the club which includes, artists, government officials and business tycoons, gather annually during the summers. There are strict protocols in place for secrecy and what goes on in the grove literally stays in the grove. Fancy visiting an island that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean? Too bad, the ‘Surtsey Island’ located in the south coast of Iceland was formed after a volcanic eruption that continued from November 1963- June 1967, is prohibited for general public. However biologists and botanists are allowed to visit the island to carry out scientific research. Next in the list is ‘Club 33’ in Anaheim California, USA. With a waiting list of over ten years, the club located in the centre of Disneyland is only open to VIP members. The attraction though is the assortment of props used in various Disney movies.No.7 in the list is ‘Catacombes de Paris’, in France. What were earlier stone mines are now known as the world largest graveyard, with as many as 6 million human remains in the underground caverns and tunnels. Though the catacombs are open for public, certain sections are marked as prohibited leading one to speculate what lies in store behind the closed doors.

The Snake Island in Sao Paulo, Brazil is every herpetologists dream destination. Though legends claim there one can find five snakes every square meter, recent studies show there is one snake every square meter. The only resident of the island is the golden-headed lion tamarin which can melt human flesh with its venom. North Sentinel Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India is home to a group of about 400 aborigines people. Untouched by modern civilization, the aborigines steer clear from any contact with outer world. After certain incident of violence, where in two fishermen were killed the Indian Government prohibited general public’s entry to the island. The Lascaux caves in France are the storehouses of Paleolitic art that date back to more than 17000 years old. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, entry is banned in the caves for general public. The RAF Menwith Hill is apparently one of the biggest spy centres in the world that is a joint venture between The UK and US Governments. The electronic monitoring facility in the base is probably one of the largest in the world and only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

The other prohibited places that feature in the list are Vatican City Archives and Area 51, Nevada, USA.