10 Shocking Facts About Coca Cola!


Coca-Cola was invented in 1886, by American pharmacist John Pemberton, who wanted to create a medicinal beverage that could work as a substitute for morphine. In present times, more than 1 billion people have adopted Coca-Cola as their choice of drink. This beverage however is accompanied by a few shocking facts that might be quite interesting to know.

In 1995, Coca-Cola spent $200,000 on an outrageous advertising campaign, where in a bid to reintroduce the old sleek glass bottle design to the younger generation, they used pornography by showing a woman performing oral sex. As expected, the campaign bombed, the advert had to be removed the same day it was first spotted, and the designer lost his job. A 330 ml can of Coca-Cola has such a high content of sugar that it has the ability to make you vomit within minutes of consumption. However, it also contains phosphoric acid that helps curb this effect. In fact, the effects of drinking coke are very similar to heroin, where after 45 minutes dopamine is released into the brain, making you feel happier than usual. Another 15 minutes pass by and you begin feeling drowsy, along with the need to urinate frequently. Also, the high levels of sugar have been proven to be instrumental in increasing chances of impotency in men.

There was a time this popular drink contained amounts of cocaine. Each glass was found to contain nine milligrams of cocaine, along with traces of alcohol. Since then, this company has been heavily monitored and was successful in refraining from spiking our drinks. Martin Luther King Jr. had boycotted Coca Cola in his speech “I’ve been to the mountain top”, stating that it was unfair that white workers in the company get paid more than the blacks. It was not until 2000 that this discrimination was sorted out. In 2003, Indian authorities decided to call a ban on this popular drink, since it was found to have a content of pesticides way too much higher than the permitted levels. Though Coca-Cola denied such allegations, the health scare proved to be true, with the blame partly going to the water they used in their manufacturing units.

These aren’t the only facts about Coca-Cola that may shock you out of your wits—there is definitely more. Now, does this make you thirsty for some Coke? If you found this riveting, please spread the word.