This Incredible Magician Doesn’t Just Fool You, He Makes Us Think Magic is Real!


Magic is one performance art medium which thoroughly entertains a person of any age group, be it a child or even an adult. The world has seen the rise of many magicians who have mesmerized many with their acts of illusion. While some stick to simple tricks which can be easily executed, a few magicians also attempt acts which could be life-threatening. However, the ones which dare to perform bold magic tricks are the people who have stood apart from the rest of their kind and received accolades from all over.

One such daring magician is the famous David Blaine, who is a big rage amongst the lovers of illusion acts. Blaine even got himself buried underneath a water tank for an act he performed in New York City, leaving many Americans amazed. Another famous performance of this renowned magician was in 2003, in the vicinity of the river Thames in the United Kingdom. Blaine remained confined to a glass box which was hanging high in the air, above this famous river. He returned back to normalcy after apparently staying in this cube for 44 days, which resulted in Blaine garnering global acclaim for his daredevilry. Other magicians who have created waves for their performances are Jerry Sadowitz, Derren Brown and Apollo Robbins. Some of these magicians are equally popular on social networking sites such as YouTube and clips of their works have gone viral and got millions of views.

Shin Lim is a talented young man from Boston, Massachusetts, who wants to establish himself as a renowned magician. He uses a famous reality show as a platform to exhibit his skills and thus realize his dream. While expressing his thoughts about magic in front of the camera, Lim said that he wants people to perceive magic more seriously as a career.

We then see the audiences waiting with baited breath for the young man to start performing on stage. Clad in black clothes and a red waist coat, Lim is seen along with two beautiful ladies, who are seated at a table. He asked them to sign on two different cards and what followed was just incredible. Shin performed a series of tricks using these signature cards which not only left the girls amazed but even stunned the audience.

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