Wild Fox And A Fisherman On Frozen Lake


The ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature’ has categorized the red fox as least concern species, which means the species is not conservation dependent. The red fox is the largest of true fox breed and the wild animal inhabits the Northern Hemisphere which includes Eurasia, North America and from the Arctic Circle to North Africa. The species has also reached the territories of Australia and has been enlisted in the ‘world’s 100 worst invasive species’, in accordance to the ‘Global Invasive Species Database’.

We might have different notions about different animals and while we tend to domesticate some, we are afraid to have some others in our vicinity. Hearing of fox gives us goosebumps and after reading about its inclusion in various lists as mentioned above, it makes things even harder. Fox and human gelling seems like a total no-no situation, and we cannot even think of a circumstance when a fox will come out of remote jungle and meet a human in a friendly manner.

However, miracles do happen and we come to know about it from this red fox and fisherman story. Cold climate, frozen lake, desolate region and not a single creature visible to the naked eyes. All of a sudden a wild red fox came running to the view and started walking all through the icy chilling lake. It was unsure as to where it should head, and kept moving hitherto and thitherto, until he saw another creature — a human. He was a fisherman who ended up in that unpopulated place owing to business concerns or some other reason may have led him there.
When such an encounter happens, we are struck with fear as to how the wild animal will react and we wonder if it will launch on the fisherman to feed itself. However, none of us would ever expect what followed next. The fox approached the man with slow steps and the fisherman offered it with all he had. Some slices of fish and the fox behaved as a tamed animal. It remained docile and had what it was given, breaking our myth that a fox is wild and can be even more dangerous when hungry. The fisherman too did not feel frightened in the presence of the wild red fox and in that cold gloomy lonely frozen lake, the two found great companions in each other. Most of us must have known heart melting stories of dogs and humans, but here is a different story which surely amazed us. If you felt the same, share with your friends and family by clicking on the share button below.