Dad Pushes The Boy On His Bike. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog!


Parenthood is probably one of the best phases of one’s life as it makes us live our childhood all over again. While we play with our child, we relive our cherished memories; when our parents helped us take our first step or held our hands when we were about to fall; the first time we tried to balance ourselves on a bike and the first time we tried to write something on paper, a diversion from painting the walls turning them into a graffiti. We realize what our parents went through and how many untold and unsaid sacrifices they made for our well-being only when we ourselves become parents. We feel the inner joy we gain when putting our child’s needs and wants before ours, and that is an out of the world experience.

In today’s world, we can hardly find time for our children and hence, we want to spend the best of time with them. We want to play all sorts of games we know and even invent new games to keep our child engaged and at the same time make them happy. Making them learn new things is also a concern around which we initiate most of our games.

Having pets is one of the best gifts we can give our child as it will provide them with a company to play other than those cute but inanimate soft toys and other playing stuffs. A dog is the most preferred pet as we have seen dogs mingle with toddlers and be around them like a shadow. Both have high energy levels and love to play the whole day, without any discrepancies.
Here we learn about a father son duo having a wonderful time; the father is assisting his son ride on his tiny cycle and the child is feeling triumphant while rushing with the vehicle. However, there is one more person who is in a playful mood and participates in the ride with full fervor.
We witness the little mutt who gets stimulated seeing the father and son play, and takes up his part in the show. The father pushes the bike on which his son is seated on a count of ‘one two three’, and as soon as the child reaches the other side of the room, the pet runs to him and pulls him back to his father so that the game continues. We thoroughly enjoyed it and shared it with you; if you adored it too, do spread the smiles by clicking on the share button below.