Mommy Sings Hallelujah. When She Was Done? I Did Not Expect This!


The oldest version of ‘Hallelujah’ was penned by Leonard Cohen is a musical piece that is set on 12/8 time signature convention and combines elements of both gospel and waltz music. The lyrics depict the story of Samson, the bearer of supernatural powers who was betrayed by his lover the dangerous temptresses Delilah. It also features the infidel king David of United Kingdom who had an affair with his friend’s wife Bathsheba. The word Hallelujah is a Hebrew word translating to ‘Praise the Lord’. Over the years several other artists have created a rendition of the 1984 song. In recent times, the popularity of the song was revived when it was included in the animation movie ‘Shrek’.

In a sharp contrast to the original version, here we can see a mother’s version of the timeless classic. She captures the ordeals of being a mother in the melancholic version. Motherhood is definitely the most underpaid job in the world. A mother takes care of the tiniest needs of her family without asking for anything in return. It is her who spends sleepless night when the babies are wailing for no reason at all. She keeps a tab on everything starting from the kind of food the babies need to regular doctor visits, to the kind of toys they need. Though it hurts her more, she is willing to reprimand us for our mistakes. Though we think she doesn’t understands but mommy knows about our first heart break. Adam’s mom is no different and makes a musical attempt at capturing the plight of mothers. It couldn’t have been any better that Adam is singing in agreement that Dad is completely useless and is of no help. He knows it is wrong to pull at mommy’s hair and that it hurts her and even sympathizes. The cutie is getting all ready to give an earful to daddy for not helping mom. It is not only Adam but there is also his three year old sibling, who thinks she knows everything and Momma knows nothing. And mommy is like “Hallelujah…I’m going to bed.”