Thief Tries To Break In A Store At 4 AM… Where He Ends Up Will Leave You Awestruck!!!!


A businessman sets up a business investing time, energy, capital and brain to cater to the needs of people and at the same time, earn a living from the profits. However, such attempts are marred when the business is eyed by people like shoplifters and burglars. And no matter how hard we try, we are faced by such anti-social elements. Therefore, it is better to be vigilant and take care of things before we lose out on all our resources.

This video is about a store owner whose store is robbed frequently, and out of frustration, he sets a trap to which the thief was sure to fall a prey. As usual the burglar breaks into the shop and runs into the shop to accomplish his mission of theft; a work in which he had gained expertise by now. He runs blindfolded through a door, unaware that the map was no longer similar to what it used to be. Instead of access to the store and its stock, he finds a narrow corridor with three doors. The door, through which he enters, closes behind him and there he was, doomed! He did not have the slightest idea what the owner of the place had in store for him. To his surprise, the door which shut behind him could not be opened with all his might. He tried all he could but to no avail. He then tried to bang open the door on the opposite wall, and finally he was able to burst it open. To his disappointment there was nothing but an empty room and once again all his endeavours turned futile.

At the backdrop of all this drama, the narration provided by the store owner is inarguably the best part in the entire video. The way he reacted to each action of the thief and the way he addresses the robber as ‘Bro’ is commendable. He even provided suggestions to the intruder and tried to warn him beforehand, but amusingly he said all these on the hidden camera and the thief was in disposition to overhear these enlightening words. ROFL! He even informs the thief of the approaching cops and advises him not to try anymore as the cops will rescue him soon. How funny it is!

After multiple attempts to break open the doors and escaping punishment, the robber gave up and by the time the police came, he was on his knees. Finally, when the door opens and the cops find the thief, the triumph which the brilliant store owner feels is quite measurable from his narration. If you enjoyed the video going ROFLOL, do click the share button below.