He Held This Woman Hostage At Knife Point, What Happened In Seconds Made Everyone Gasp For Breath!


As newton applied the theorem of “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” to physics, we experience or hear of the same not just in physics but in life itself. Another way of putting out our view about this clip you are about to see is Karma, and in this case instant Karma. The actual meaning of Karma is work or deed, but to get into the deeper spiritual sense of the word, it refers to the cause and effect of one’s action or intent. If an individual decides to do good in his life, he or she will be rewarded with good Karma and happiness and the exact opposite for those who have done bad to others.

This video is an apt example, except that the people in this clip, as we mentioned before, are on the receiving end of instant Karma. Every individual in this compilation who tried to harm the person next to them has received an equal and opposite reaction. In almost every clip compiled here, the person who decides to do harm goes from being the oppressor to the oppressed. For example, the lady in the clip is held hostage at knife point, she fears for her life as her oppressor states his terms and call the shots. But little did that person know that he had a lieutenant standing right behind him, waiting to seize an opportunity to react. While the man continued to command people around and spread fear, the lieutenant charged at the troublemaker when he was off guard and knocked him to his feet in a flash to be caught and held captive by the law. The lady in this video was safe and unhurt while the terrorizer was at the receiving end of instant karma.

If you believe in instant karma, share the video below, because what goes around comes around and this clip certifies that.