Are You Brave Enough To Try? These Rides Are Gut-Wrenching And Dangerous.


Are you the adventurous kind who likes to try out something new? Do you get high with the adrenaline rush; the feeling of being on the edge gives you a sense of satisfaction? Then ‘Stratosphere Las Vegas’ featured in the video should be right at the top of your bucket list (If you already haven’t checked it out). The amusement park has some crazy rides and the video features three of the Thrill Rides – Big Shot, Insanity and X Scream.

Insanity as the name explains is an insane ride where you are dangling at a jaw dropping 906 feet above the Las Vegas Strip and spun at top speeds of 40 mph. The seats (escape proof obviously) are inclined at an angle of 70 degree thus adding to the thrill. The view of the sprawling Las Vegas strip is magnificent and one might actually be able to see a shadow the Stratosphere Tower on a sunny day. For those with a little wild streak, the rides can be programmed for a more exciting experience every time. The authorities though warn that people who get dizzy easily should steer clear of this ride. Insanity is definitely not the one for faint-hearted.

Fancied the teeter-totters in your childhood, then you’ll definitely take a liking to the X Scream, which is a sophisticated and tech-savvy design version of the teeter-tooters. Seated on this ride, you’ll find yourself being propelled to heights as great as 900 feet above the ground at a speed of 30 mph. The 69 feet pivoting track is capable of thrusting as many as eight passengers at a time. The feeling that you might topple all the way down coupled with the scenic view of the Las Vegas valley is sure to make this one, an experience of a lifetime.

Want to feel like an astronaut while a rocket is launched, then the Big Shot is a must ride for you. Built atop the Stratosphere Tower, in the Big Shot you are catapulted to a height of 160 feet at a speed of 45mph in mere 2.5 seconds. The seat belts barely seem to contain you while you experience momentary weightlessness. Lo and behold the sight before you is breath-taking and you have only a few moments to relish them because then begins the downward descent. The ride ricochets thrice across the height of the tower after the drop. Though it might be a short ride but the memories are gonna be etched in your mind forever.

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