These Unborn Twins Were Struggling For Space In The Womb, You’ll Never Guess What One Does, WOW!!


Babies take a leisurely nine months’ time to be in their mother’s womb before they come into this world. These months are crucial and a mother takes all the care she can and even goes extra miles to keep her baby safe within herself. Apart from the mother, the father and entire family are also concerned about the soon to be born baby and try to cushion it much as they can. Once the babies are born, they become the center of attraction and almost become a celebrity, save for the involvement of media… LOL!

They are treated in a magnanimous way and enjoy all the love and care. However, did we ever know how they accommodate themselves in the womb for nine long months? It is believed that babies can hear what we say and they even respond to our talks. The kicks which a mother experiences during her pregnancy are probably the babies’ answers to our calls. One womb, one baby and they rule the place for the time they are there, but we cannot forget that a womb is often shared by twins and triplets and who rules is the question.

A London medical study conducted to observe a syndrome called twin-to-twin, and a scanning report revealed surprising movements of twins inside the womb to get their share of space. While one tries to dominate and retain more space than the other, the latter kicks with all might to get a comfortable accommodation. Wondering how many kicks the mother experienced during the time she held them so close to herself with these siblings.