A Mom Was Filmg Her Daughter Sleep. What She Captures? I’m Left Without Words.


There are no limits to creativity. For a creative person, all is required is a stimulant that works as an inspiration to create something new and original contrary to a rather traditional idea or a trend. The best part about being creative is that there is no right or wrong, no perfect or imperfect, but the outcome just brings out the idiosyncrasy of the artist. Take a look at any field in any industry, be it mechanical, engineering, music, architecture, photography and so on, the ones who were able to break away from the trend were noticed by the masses where as those who continued to follow the trend were just one amongst the others in the gushing river of life. The creative paddled their way to the bank of the river, made time stand still and isolated themselves from the engulfing influence to think afresh and new.

Talking about creativity, a creative field that is ballooning as a result of the boom of social networking platforms is Photography. Sites like Instagram, Facebook and more, which lure people to post the best moments of their lives, have made the profession of photography thrive. Today, people are willing to shell out ‘x’ amounts of money to photographers to capture that perfect moment on days they wish to remember. Considering it is a day they want to look back at when the years have passed, people now make no compromise when it comes to quality and only the best of the best are chosen to capture the moment and make it count. Talking about a thriving profession, another trend that has hit the market is baby photos. Loving parents feel the need to capture adorable moments of their babies or kids to ensure they can look back at them and smile. Yet again, professionals are called in to get the job done. But if there aren’t any around, don’t fret, because a glimpse through this and most moms will feel their creativity stimulated.

Over the next three minutes, this creatively impressive mom has snapped her baby while she was taking her afternoon nap. The collection is called ‘Mila’s Daydream Collection,’ and is a series of photos of a baby lying on the same bed in dresses that depict a theme varying from fantasy clothing to general pictures that highlight other professions, ones that emit a balmy feel to the pictures. If you are a mother and were looking for ideas to snap your munchkin, this mother has probably answered all your questions. If you loved it and wish to share it with your friends and family, click on the ‘share’ button and spread the joy that this creative mother naturally emanates through her photography.