8-Year-Olds Stand Next To Each Other. When The Beat Drops, I Was In ‘Awe’!


Ace choreographer Molly Lang from California is known for her dance routines with kids. Dancing since she was barely three years old, Molly shot to fame with the dance group Single Ladies and the trio My Boyfriend’s back. She is also a teacher with one of the reputed dance studios in the country. Her Alma Mater, ‘Dance Precisions’ has been training people of all age groups for almost three decades now. The Stars Dance program at the institute is aimed at younger dancers, the Academy Dance program trains recreational dancers while the Community Performance squads train dancers of all age groups in the training levels varying from beginners to pre-professional. The Studio also prepares teams for participating in various competitions including the National Championship Competition. Molly and her crew from the Dance Precisions emerged victorious in the World Dance Championship Series. The talented dancer-choreographer was also featured on the cover of ‘Dance Teacher’ magazine.

Molly has trained several dancers in her career but the dance regimes she creates with kids is truly enrapturing. One such particular performance was during the National Dance Competition which comprised of a group of eight year olds. The routine which was choreographed on the Britney Spear’s single number ‘Scream & Shout’ won the first place in the Jazz Small Category. The dancers walk in and take positions; the magic begins when the music starts. They grab the attention of everyone with their perfectly coordinated moves and never did one feel a dip in the energy. The poise and grace portrayed by the girls is unmistakable while the little guy played his part with ease. The pirouette section where all the dancers whirled about in formation was definitely one of the high points, while the kart wheels and splits were clean. Though the choice of moves and costumes might raise a few eyebrows, one cannot miss the talent that is oozing out from the tiny hoofers.

Molly Long has an official YouTube channel which you can visit to learn more about her dance performances. Let us know what you think of the dance routine. Do you agree that it was irresponsible on the part of parents to let their kids dress like this or it is the sheer brilliance of the performance that mesmerized you all the while?