Pregnant Girlfriend Prank Backfires!


A prank or practical joke is also known as jape, gag or shenanigan. As the name suggests, this is not a joke passed on as text messages or read in books; such tricks are aimed at someone and many pranks result in reactions such as confusion, shock or embarrassment. However, pranks are played on a lighter note and the prankster does not intend to hurt the feeling of the victim. “Even the Gods love jokes”, was said by the great philosopher Plato. So do man, as jokes are meant to amuse us. The April Fools’ Day is dedicated to such pranks when we have the freedom to play pranks on anyone and everyone.

Some people love to play pranks on others and when the suspense is revealed, all the people roll on the floor laughing, including the victim of the gag. Often this pranks start on a serious note like the prank this girl played on her boyfriend. She set a trap to trick her boyfriend Erik. The girl arranges a pregnancy tool kit with a positive result displayed in it and also a false ultrasound report, to prove it to her boyfriend that she is pregnant. She behaves calm and at the same time anxious, in order to complete the stage for her dramatic act. She summons Erik to come and sit beside as she had an important thing to tell him. Erik senses something fishy and asks her what she is upto, but she does not admit of playing any prank and shows him the pregnancy signs she had amassed. At this, the boy gets nervous and asks her if it is a prank but she denies and puts forward facts to back her prank making it more concrete and believable. Erik got infuriated and began crying as he realized that he is being cheated. When she said it was his child, Erik revealed something really shocking. He said that he cannot have child, never ever. This came as an utter shock for her as they have been together for three years and both started crying and murmuring. All of a sudden Erik burst into laughter and said that it was just a prank to overshadow her trick. Erik saw the hidden camera and at the very instance devised the prank. This is how a practical joke may backfire. The ball might slip from your court without your knowledge. Be prepared and help others know about it by sharing this story.