What One Man’s Selflessness Can Do? Amazing!


Always be a little kinder than necessary said James M Barrie and this story will make you realize how correct the creator of Peter Pan was. A little act of kindness goes a long way and this man here proves it. On his way he gets drenched from the water pouring out of an overhead tank, instead of raising hue and cry he takes a potted plant kept nearby and places it under the water stream. Further ahead he sees an old woman struggling to push her cart over the pavement and rushes to her help. Finally after a long day at work he decides to grab a bite but at the restaurant a hungry dog comes and sits next to him. Without batting an eyelid he shares his food with the canine. On his way back home he comes across a mother and daughter duo begging on the streets. Though everyone else around ignores them, this young man stops by every day and gives them money. On reaching his apartment he sneaks by his neighbour’s house and places a packet of fruits outside the door.

Every day he follows the same routine; one might be curious what does he get from all this. On closer inspection one will realize he has no hidden agenda, but the happy smiles on the faces of those people are his true reward. The warmth of their emotions, the knowledge that he is the reason behind those smiles is what keeps him going. Finally, his actions bear fruit and he realized that happiness only increases upon sharing. The hungry dog he fed started following him around, wagging his tail in happiness; the girl was able to go to school with the money they collected. The elderly woman whom he helped pulling her cart waits for him at the exact same spot and treats him as his own. The old woman who stayed next door caught him one day while he was placing the fruits outside her door. Overwhelmed with joy, she hugs him tight and blesses him. These moments of happiness and serenity he feels humble him and instil in him a deeper sense of understanding. His story leaves us wondering what is more valuable, the riches and luxuries or such simple pleasures. What is going to stay with us forever; the love and affection we earn or the money? The joy of returning to a happy, satisfied family is more important in life or earning more by compromising time with family?

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