Her Daddy Asks His 17 Month Old Little Girl To Sing Amazing Grace. When She Does? AWWW!


The ideas prevalent in the pre-WWII era related to parenting were revolutionized by famous paediatrician Benjamin Spock, who advised mothers “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” Spock encouraged parents to treat their children as individuals and handle them with affection. Kids undergo various phases of development and it is during the ages of one to three that much of the cognitive ability is formed in them. They learn new things and unlearn previously learnt stuff every day. Though there is no fixed timeline for the developmental process in toddlers some of them are slow learners in comparison to other kids of the same age. Experts recommend understanding the kids and letting them work things out at their own pace. As this is a tender age, experiences during this period will leave a lasting impact on the kid. Thus parents should indulge in skill building activities, appropriate for their age. The simple activity of reading a book at bed time, imbibes in the kids a sense of how the books work and the information that we read from left to right (or right to left as the case be) is passed on to them.

Amidst all the debate raging in the scientific community about the nature vs. nurture view on how intelligence is propagated, a seventeen-month-old has caught the eyeballs and that too for all the right reasons. It is a rare occurrence that a kid her age displays such high levels of intelligence. Not only has she learnt the lyrics of the song but in her mind she has even made an association between the name and lyrics. She can also differentiate between two songs. While the average vocabulary of a one and half year old is twenty words, this little princess has taken the internet by storm with her comprehensive vocabulary and memory. If her literary skills were not enough to melt your heart, her mathematical prowess will definitely amaze you. She can verbally give you an answer for the addition problems asked in particular sequence. At such a tender age, she is also able to master counting numbers in two languages – English and Spanish. This little kid definitely deserves all the applause, and kudos to her parents who have realized her potential.

While most of them are singing praises for the little diva others are of the view that the kid is being burdened with a huge quantity of information. What is your take on it? Leave a comment or share it with your friends and loved ones by hitting the share button below.