They Played This Dog’s Favorite TV Show, How It Reacted? I Was Not Expecting THIS!


The French novelist Colette remarked, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet”, and almost all of us will agree with her on this. If I am not wrong, most of us have pets at home and we love to be with them. They bring us limitless joy and destress us after a long working day. When we reach home drained off all our energy and stressed to the core, their appearance renews our energy levels and helps to bring a smile on our lips. They are undoubtedly our best companions who shower us with unconditional love. We too never deter from reciprocating the emotion and care for them with heart and soul.

Fondling them is one of the best things to do with our pets, but sometimes it feels good to let them be and watch them play. It is a pleasure watching them do all the silly things like running to catch hold of their tails and moving on and on in a circle.

Like we have our means of getting entertained, pets too need their dose of amusement and they would not mind watching television along with us. Some of them know to tune the channel and others like to munch on popcorns while watching their favourite shows. Some others even participate in the boxing matches, though virtually. They would bark at the appearance of weird people on the screen just as they bark at stranger sights in real. Seeing their peers on screen, they would either launch at the television set or watch them do their part. There are also times when they stare at the screen without winking as if they would miss out on the crucial part of the show. And if they see anything that stimulates their taste buds, they would leap and even try to snatch it from there. They are fun to watch when doing such cute acts, and if you liked our story, do share by clicking on the share button below.