Amazing Friendship Between A Pitbull & An Autistic Girl!


We have known and seen children build a close association with dogs and they end up becoming best of friends and the friendship lasts lifelong. When they meet each other for the first time, the connection clicks instantly. They grow up sharing their time, playing together and carrying all sorts of mischief. A dog becomes the child’s most trusted confidant and when they make mistakes they are ready to take up the responsibility together. Well, most of the time they decide to keep quiet and not admit who is the behind all the mess, when enquired by mommy and daddy. Moments we spend with our pets are cherished throughout our lives as they constitute some of the best parts of our being.

Dog and human connection is a known fact and is one of the most adorable of all relationships that exist. However, there are some unbelievable association between human and dogs which will melt hearts bringing tears to the eyes. One such association is between an autistic child and a pit bull. The mention of a pit bull might terrify many as they have been made infamous regarding them as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. Pit bulls are one of the most lovable animals on earth and the ferociousness does not come to them naturally.

Autistic children have much impairment which make them fear crowd, detest loud noise; they can neither comprehend what others are saying nor can they communicate their feelings easily. They are slow learners and it requires unrelenting patience to make them understand what to do and how to do. A recent study shows that dogs can help autistic children in overcoming such social and communication impairment, and many dogs are trained in this regard. This is called the dog therapy as it has been established that dogs can be a ‘social catalyst’.

Lacy is a child with autistic disorder and Karma is her pet, and both share an inexplicable bond. She has been with Karma ever since she was an infant and growing up with him never made Lacy feel the need for friends. They grew together and Karma could understand Lacy even without verbal communication, which a human would not understand even with the help of words. Theirs is a story of true friendship and Karma has always been by Lacy’s side whenever she wanted him. This heart touching will built our faith on friendship; friendship which has no give-and-take policy; a friendship which means being together, no matter what!