The Baby Was Sleeping. What The Puppy Did? OMG!


What is the most invaluable possession you have? If we think with a materialistic outlook we can name numerous things such as a house, a car, any high-tech gizmo and the like, but if we are asked to change our viewpoint and answer the same question, we cannot have an easy pick. There are many things we hold dear and choosing one amongst all is a hard deal. Well, if you are a parent, the choice would be obvious — your kid. However, when you are parenting both your kid and a dog, you are definitely in a dilemma. Actually, such choices should not even exist. As we all know we will pick both, without a second thought. In the long run, these cuties gel in a beautiful blend leaving us amazed.

Babies and dogs probably constitute the best human-animal bond. Both are heights of cuteness and priceless possession of mommy and daddy. One fine day in 2012, the family found a dog tied to their fence, and those captivating eyes made them endear the little one naming her Callie. Since then, Callie has become an integral part of their lives and they cannot get enough of her cuteness. Callie was three months old and so was their child. The parents did not go with the ‘dogs can harm kids’ notion and stationed the canine beside the sleeping baby. Callie was careful enough not to disturb the baby and assumed the role of a watchdog to guard the baby boy while he slept.

The best moment crawls in when poor Callie too feels sleepy and in spite of that drowsiness, she tries to keep her eyes wide open. She moves in and around the kid making slow movements, probably because of the overpowering sleep, or because she was being too cautious to break the sweet slumber of the child. Although the parents are around, Callie takes it up as her responsibility to care for the boy and stares at him while he slept lying down on his tummy. Callie experienced jerky moments when sleep made her swing left and right but her willingness to guard the baby did not let her blink those adorable eyes. Finally, she carefully placed her head on the baby and dozed off. The baby too seemed too comfortable to have Callie by his side and they affectionately slept together. This was one of the initial phases of the long lasting relationship which they now share.