How To Peel A Cucumber In A Matter Of Seconds!!


A plant belonging to the gourd family Cucumber originated in Southern Asia. The cylindrical fruit has since become integral to the Chinese and Indian cuisines. It is not only an excellent appetizers but also compliments the hot spicy palates in these countries. It also an effective coolant and cucumbers are used in lot of refreshing drinks.

Though peeling and deseeding the fruit can be a tough task and many a times we end up hurting ourselves. Here we bring to you an effective and quick method of peeling the cucumber. All you would need is a cotton towel, metal sticks, a sharp knife and obviously a cucumber. Place the cotton towel on the kitchen counter or table and pat it nicely to flatten any raised surfaces. Take the piece of cucumber you want to peel and place it on the towel. Place the metal sticks such that there is some space between the cucumber and metal. The sticks prevent the knife from cutting through the towel while you are peeling the cucumber and also help in rolling the knife easily. Then hold the cucumber piece on both ends while applying equal pressure. Then use the knife to slice the cucumber and while rolling the cucumber continue moving the knife in an almost straight motion. Do not zigzag the knife very often as it slows down the speed and you end up having uneven slices. Applying even pressure is also important otherwise the slices will become banana shaped. To obtain slices of different thickness, alter the angle of the knife. For thin slices, the knife can be held at a higher angle and for relatively thick slices hold the knife closer to the table. The best part is you don’t need to worry about deseeding or peeling the cucumber as they can be easily removed in the end.

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