Rescue From the Hart – Layla Poodle Rescue


“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”—Karen Davison, author. Dogs are one of those animals in the world that will give you unconditional love, irrespective of who you are, what you do, how you look or how much you earn. They don’t care about such menial things; for them all that matters is the fact that you love them back, you give them a home and you feed them at least one meal a day. Loving a dog, as I have personally felt it, is one of the most beautiful experiences a man can ever have. This relationship between a human being and a canine tends to be more special if you have given it a second chance at life. When I got my first fur baby, she had already had a horrendous past with an owner who had beaten her up and left the poor thing to die. However, I realized how much faith and affection a dog is capable of, even after having her heart broken mercilessly.

The story of Layla is quite similar; the poodle was found in South Los Angeles by members of an organization named ‘Rescue From the Hart’–injured, scared and homeless, sitting on a pavement. When they saw her, the little darling was shivering, but it didn’t take too long for them to rescue her. All it took was a bit of petting and some patience, before Layla (as they later named her) jumped into her angel’s arms, licking her all over her face.

Layla was carried to the vet, where she received good attention and oodles of love from the foster parents who were assigned to her. She was given a haircut and a warm bath, but checkups revealed that her condition was serious. Owing to a damaged intestine, she had to be hospitalized for a period of two weeks. Poor Layla was still weak and timid, and everyone realized that it would take a lot of physical as well as emotional effort on her part to recover. To help her heal faster, her foster parents visited the hospital every day. Layla not only regained her health, but also her confidence, as she basked in the new found attention showered on her. The moment the gentle poodle felt ready to go home, she let her parents know.

Once home, Layla transformed from a shy, wary puppy to a happy, confident and energetic poodle, all thanks to her new parents. Did Layla’s story move you? Please pass it on to all animal lovers.