Can Cats And Dogs Live Together ?


The Oxford Dictionary defines the idiom “fight like cat and dog” as: (Of two people) be continually arguing with one another. It is a commonly held belief that cats and dogs can never get along. It is almost like they are the worst enemies in the entire animal kingdom, rats and cats coming a close second. In an animal’s natural habitat, it is more common to see a dog chasing after a cat, since it is a smaller being and most likely a prey. A cat on the other hand may either flee from the scene or fight back by hissing, swiping at the dog and even arching their backs in a hideous manner.

However, these days, people are more open to having more than one animal in their homes, which may often include dogs and cats together. When pet owners monitor their babies’ behavior, often the most aggressive animals tend to shed their defensive stance and welcome one another with open arms. For a cat, it is slightly more difficult to accept a new member in the family. Instinctively, felines are more territorial, often behaving as if they own their humans and not the other way around. In such cases, introducing your fur ball to a dog might require loads of patience on your part. Your cat will be wary and cautious, taking time to get used to the idea of a new friend.

Dogs on the other hand, are more playful. Their natural behavior allows them to wag their tails, prance about happily when they are meeting a cat or a kitten for the first time. Often there are dogs that are scared of cats and for good reason too. Their hisses can indeed be quite unnerving at times. However, once the two animals get used to each other’s presence, they usually become as thick as thieves. Occasionally, they might hit it off the moment they set eyes on each other.

Watching cats and dogs meet each other for the first time is actually extremely interesting. With cats swiping at their canine counterparts, to even the most intimidating of all dogs being gentle towards kittens, these foes quickly become lifelong friends while growing up in the same household. Have you had the same experience with your pets? If yes, go on and click share.