One Celebrity Gets In A Scuffle Again & Again, This Is Disturbing!


Celebrities are often worshipped and considered by many to be role models. They are epitomes of glamour and glitz and thus hold excessive appeal for the common man. However, there are instances when they fail our expectations, because of the way they behave in public. Quite contrary to their usual image, they turn out to be completely crass and uncouth.

One such person is a Bollywood celebrity, Pooja Mishra. A model, and a former Video Jockey, Mishra shot to fame as a contestant for Season 5 of the Indian reality TV show, Bigg Boss. She has also performed item numbers for lesser known movies such as Dil Ka Rishta and Mera Dil Leke Dekho. Other than Bigg Boss 5, Pooja also appeared in the UTV Bindass show, Big Switch.

On several occasions, this model has been found getting into serious altercations with various people, thus earning an infamous reputation as a troublemaker. Two such instances were widely reported, as bystanders had taken videos of her literally getting into fist fights during these scuffles. In September, 2015, she was captured on camera, assaulting the staff members at the Taj Dwarka hotel. As per eyewitnesses, Mishra was stopped from checking out of the hotel, since she had not paid for items she had allegedly mishandled and broken. As a means of retaliation, not only was she seen using the most abusive of cuss words, but also hitting the staff members. On another occasion in October the same year, Pooja was recorded having a fight with a few people in a store in Delhi. As usual, she displayed behavior that was quite unbecoming of her, hurling abuses and kicking whoever she could. She is also known for having filed two molestation cases, one where she alleged that some men had entered her hotel room and sexually abused her and the other where she had accused some businessmen of having forced themselves upon her. Upon interrogation, both these charges were found to be false by the police.

What is making most people furious is the fact that the police are least bothered about how she has been behaving. On each occasion, despite solid proof of her abusive nature, the cops have remained silent, and speculations suggest that she has been going scot-free because she is a celebrity. No arrests have been made and not even a single case has been filed against Mishra. Do you think it is because she is a well-known face on Indian television? Please comment.