Dad STOPS His Daughter’s Wedding To Pull This Man Out Of His Seat. Why? I’m BAWLING!


Marriages happen and so do divorces. People come together and when their relationship is marred by differences, they think it wise to part ways. However, the decision is not that easy when there are children who need the love and care of both their parents. Sometimes, couples having a hard time in their relationship tend to neglect the needs of their children who are the most affected ones in the battle.

Journalist Steve Hartman in his show ‘On The Road with Steve Hartman’ introduced us to Brittany Peckfrom Olivia, Ohio, where we get to learn about the most memorable moment of her life. Her parents separated when she was six years old, and then followed the legal procedures which Brittany was subjected to. Her mother remarried and her stepfather loved her as much as her own father. No parent wants to share their children with a third person. Kids mean everything to them and they can go to a great extent to keep their children close to them. In this case as well, both the parents fought for her custody as they both wanted Brittany in their lives. After all the courtroom scene and arguments for and against the people involved, the custody of Brittany was shared between both her parents. With the passing by of time, both the dads realized that they both love their daughter equally, and with this overwhelming amount of love and care which Brittany received from her dads, made it difficult for her to choose between them. None of the man had likings for each other and if we take into account the way the fathers described their relationship is that ‘they did not get along, they tolerated each other’. These differences existed between the man and all through her life Brittany was ripped between these differences and there came a time when she thought she will have to choose one of them. The thought of choosing between the men she adored the most made her eyes moist.

Then arrived the biggest day in her life – the wedding day and she knew she that the time had come when she will have to choose one between her dads who would make her walk down the aisle. To everyone’s surprise, her dad went to her stepdad and made him walk along with him and they both got to walk ‘their’ daughter down the aisle. Both man walked hand in hand along with their daughter and made her biggest day her happiest day too. The story brought tears to our eyes! Share if it touched your heart too.