10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s!


McDonald’s is a big brand name when it comes to fast food, and their hamburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries and milkshakes sell like hot cake. The “i’m lovin’ it” tagline worked wonders, and soon McDonald’s had won millions of loyal customers across the world.

McDonald’s started out as a small barbeque restaurant in 1940, but within a span of eight years, the founders had reorganized their company to become what they are now. With their headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonald’s has several branches around the world and earns revenue of approximately 27 billion dollars. Despite all the hype about this company, McDonald’s has its own share of disgusting facts, ranging from inedible secret ingredients to scandalous legal controversies.

Several customers haven’t really been happy with the food that McDonald’s rustles up. Their products have been found containing the most unimaginable of things. Be it a whole fried chicken head in a box of nuggets, a dead rat tossed up with a salad, a vaccination needle in a burger, or condoms, maggots and shards of glass, this company sure knows how to serve it all. Their food contains high levels of sodium and fat, thus proving to have adverse health effects especially for children, who are usually their target customers. In fact, for eating these harmful products, unassuming kids are rewarded with toys. It has also been found having a McDonald’s meal for more than twice a week has the potential to cause diabetes, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases and extreme obesity. The food that we love eating so much is actually as addictive as cocaine (as discovered by the ‘Scripps Research Institute’), since it releases large quantities of dopamine into our brains. Moreover, a regular chicken nugget served by this company, contains only 50% meat. The remaining includes fat, blood vessels, bones and nerves, making what we eat quite similar to processed dog food. As if that isn’t enough, the animals in a McDonald’s farm are ill-treated and abused, often electrocuted or stabbed to death. Even vegetarians aren’t safe since the “natural flavors” that the brand boasts of consist of carminic acid, which is extracted from the bodies of insects. There are several scandals associated with McDonald’s, the most famous being the one in India, where in 2001, the company faced a lawsuit of 100 million dollars for cooking their fries in beef fat instead of vegetable oil. It came as no surprise that the Hindu population was outraged, since the cow is considered a holy animal by them.

These facts come quite as a shock, don’t they? It is each individual’s personal preference whether they would still eat food from McDonald’s or not. However, if this was an eye-opener, please share with friends and family.