Funny Lazy Dogs Won’t Wake Up and Get Out Of Bed!


Waking up from the cozy bed is so painful especially when you know that you will be subjected to a long day. When the alarm rings, we just hope that time freezes, thus, helping us continue with our morning dose of sleep. However, time never stands still and we have to crawl out of that comfy zone, though unwillingly, and prepare for the day lying ahead of us. We are so tempted to forget all obligations and lie down as though the bed beckons to us, telling us not to go. The situation becomes even tougher when the morning is a Monday Morning! The horrifying terrifying Monday Blues make us go nuts. After the leisurely laid back hours enjoyed during the weekend, Monday does feel like a monster. A monster waiting to snatch all our smiles by ushering in the long week. Why does a Monday even come?

Anyway, we have learnt to deal with this laziness which tries hard to overpower us blurring our rationality. We tell ourselves that we have to wake up as we cannot afford to give into such temptation. Thus, we pull our socks and prepare ourselves for the commitments we have and life goes on as usual.

If we think that we are the only species that has such frame of mind who have a hard time coping up with those sleepy eyes and stagger to get out of bed, we are surely having some wrong notions. The following examples will prove us erroneous as we will find how dogs too struggle to come out of that comfortable region. Masters keep trying to awake them but they will not listen. They become the personification of lethargy and none would believe that these are the ones who keep hoping and jumping all around the house throughout the day. Moreover, they do not have any errands to run, except for nature’s call.