A Child Playing With Doberman!


Their large size, dark complexion and swiftness, makes the Doberman one of the most feared dogs. The characteristics of a Doberman have been derived from various breeds such as ‘The Great Dane’, ‘The Greyhound’, ‘The Rottweiler’ as well as the ‘German Shorthaired Pointer’. While a male Doberman can weigh around 40 to 45 kilos, the females are much slender and can be 30 to 35 kilos. This dark dog has been voted as the 5th smartest amongst all breeds of canines, due to their ability to communicate effectively with family members and obedience. It is perceived that the canines belonging to this breed are quite aggressive by nature, which is why many owners who are concerned about the safety of their homes, adopt them. They also have a reputation of foiling many robberies and keeping intruders at bay.

These Canines have also proved that they make great babysitters, who can not only protect toddlers, but also play with them. Can you think of something cuter than seeing a baby and a dog sharing a few light moments in a room? There have also been instances where a fierce looking Doberman has behaved in hilarious ways while communicating with family members.

This episode, involving a toddler and a cute baby breaks the age-old stereotype surrounding dogs of the Doberman breed, that ‘they are just too ferocious’. The dark canine becomes a toy which keeps the baby entertained and occupied for more than a minute. The long tongue of the Doberman gets the attention of the baby and the young one just can’t get its hands off the dog’s mouth. At one point it looked like the baby was pushing its luck a little too far with the dog and annoy the animal. You might even expect the Doberman to pounce on the baby, since it is infamous for its aggressive behavior. However, this black Canine’s behavior will take you by surprise. The dog doesn’t lose its cool even for a minute and in fact bends its head down for the baby to pet him. Excited by the time she spent with the Doberman, the baby runs towards the camera and expresses her joy.

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