Fox Pups Playing With Dog’s Ball


The Canidae family of carnivores comprises of several genera including dogs, wolves, foxes and jackals. Foxes are omnivorous animals that are usually smaller than medium sized dogs and are light-footed. While species like the fennec fox can be quite small other species can measure 34 inches from head to flank. Most often they are mistaken for dogs but the pointed nose and bushy tail sets them apart from their canine relatives. Foxes generally reside in a pack and share close bonding with the members of their family. Adult and young take care of old and ailing in the group. Apart from the parents of the new born litter, elder siblings also look after the young ones. Foxes are nocturnal mammals and most of the times the pack goes out at night to hunt. Being light-weighted foxes can run at speeds of 45 mph and their vertically split pupils provide excellent vision. These canids are known to dig burrows for residing; these tunnels or dens protect them from heat and cold and also provide shelter to the newborn. There are several exits which the pack uses in event of an attack or danger.

Though many are of the opinion that foxes are wild animals and are unsuitable for keeping as pets, here we see how the two fox pups are happily playing with a tennis ball oblivious to their surroundings. They share many similarities to dogs and as one can see do not pose any threat to humans, unless instigated. At the beginning we see a pup jumping around in delight playing with his new toy. He is curiously observing the red tennis ball which is bouncing up and down. After a while his sibling joins in and wants to play too but is skeptic of his sibling. The two indulge in friendly squabble trying to take away the ball from one another all the while remaining cautious around the ball as if it may rise up any moment.

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