Giant Tortoise Save His Overturned Friend


We see them in large numbers at the beach and spot them crawling slowly. Many humans also poach these animals for their extracts. However, there is more to this humble creature than its demeanor. Tortoises are one of the few living beings with a really long life span. Some of the adult Tortoises can survive even till the age of 150, more than the average human being. Many works of literature have also talked about the heroics and determination of a Tortoise. One such famous tale revolves around a Hare and a Tortoise. The slow Tortoise and a fast Hare participate in a racing competition. The speedy Hare covers a significant distance and then rests under a tree. He underestimates the abilities of the Tortoise and falls asleep thinking the slow-paced creature can never make it to the finish line. The over-confident Hare wakes up to realize that he has actually lost the race to the Tortoise, who emerged victorious with his ‘slow and steady’ approach. Thus, the ‘slow and steady’ approach of the Tortoise is adopted by many humans even in their endeavours today.

This is a real-life heroic episode involving two Tortoises, which proves that this humble creature shouldn’t be underestimated. A few people witnessed this great sight at a zoo in Taiwan. A man who accompanied his daughter on a trip to this zoo, even filmed this moment. These people spotted two grey-colored Tortoises in a grassy stretch. One of them had turned over and was badly struggling to stand on its feet. It seemed like it would take a long time for this poor creature to return back to normalcy. However, his companion realizes that his friend is in trouble and quickly rushes to help. At first, it seems like the companion’s efforts in helping the troubled Tortoise will go down in vain, but the friend’s great determination proved everyone wrong. The heroic Tortoise applies pressure on his friend’s shell, in a bid to make it flip by 180 degrees. Although for a few seconds the idea doesn’t help, later the companion manages to successfully help the troubled creature. The people present at the spot are just delighted by this sight and even applaud on witnessing this heroic moment.

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