10 Most Accidental Movie Deaths


The world of Cinema has allured us ever since its inception. Various elements – story, characters, actors, photography – make a movie. Some scenes in the movie impact us more than the rest. At times the accidental death of characters leave us flabbergasted and in splits of laughter. Here’s a list of top 10 accidental movie deaths; these are absolutely hilarious movie sequence where a character exits the screen after dying in an unexpected accident.

The first in the list is the movie “The other Guys”, where Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson take a leap of faith and jump from a high-storied building while pursuing wrong-doers. But unfortunately they do not survive the fall. In the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, while undercover agent Austin Powers is trying to escape from a heavily guarded facility, a security personnel literally gets steamrolled. When the camera zooms out you’ll be rolling in the floor laughing at the lack of survival skills of the deceased guard. While talking about accidental deaths, it is impossible not to mention the movie ‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’. The machete fighting between two brothers goes horribly wrong and in a mortal blow Dewey splits Nate into half. The 2002 spider-man movie, the fight scene during the climax, Goblin meets his maker after he failed to dodge an incoming missile in time. What cracks you up though is the ensuing cocky conversation between Spiderman and Goblin. Speaking of accidental deaths, the movie Tucker & Dale vs. Evil definitely deserves a mention. Probably the worst made movie of all time, the misunderstanding and chaos in the scene will definitely crack you up. Adam Sandler starrer 1996 movie Happy Gilmore, Happy unintentionally becomes the cause of his mentor Chubb’s death. As a token of gratitude he presents the head of the alligator to Chubb that had chewed off his hand. But it scared the wits out of Chubb and in the ensuing chaos he falls out of the window and dies instantly. The Zoolander starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson features a ‘freak gasoline-fight accident’ where three of Stiller’s friends are busy spraying gasoline over each other but the happy scene turns into a disaster in a matter of seconds as one of the guys tries to light up a cigarette. The Brad Pitt starrer ‘Meet Joe Black’, Joe Black’s untimely death is caused in a traffic accident as he’s gazing in the direction where the girl went, completely oblivious to the oncoming flurry of cars. The witch that melted to death in the 1997 movie ‘Wizard of Oz’, steals the second place. Any guesses which movie emerged at the top? Yes undoubtedly ‘Pulp Fiction’; the John Travolta and Samuel Jackson starrer comedy crime movie has numerous instances of funny accidental deaths and is surely the crowned jewel in this list.

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