10 Bodybuilders That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme!


Fitness means different things to different people; while some are happy with shedding a few extra kilos of flab, there are others who are borderline fitness freaks. It becomes their obsession to keep a count of every single calorie they consume. Apart from these “health nuts” there are a few who delve into the art of body sculpting. Bodybuilders are individuals who engage in the use of exercise to improve their musculature. They spend much of their time working out in gym, drinking a potion made out of protein and creatine shakes. Not only this, their perfectly toned and sculpted build is a result of grueling fat loss regime, controlled dehydration, and tanning lotions. Over the years bodybuilding has emerged as a lucrative career; not only is there fame but professional bodybuilders are also raking in the moolah.

Almost everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ‘Terminator’ guy but here we bring to you stories from the world body building about some of the most controversial and crazy body-builders. Featuring first in the list is Moustafa Ismail who is the Guiness World Record holder for biggest biceps in 2013. His biceps measure 31 inches in diameter, which is the size of an average human waistline. The muscleman himself claims that he intakes 7 pounds of protein a day and steers clear of any steroids or drugs but the fitness community thinks otherwise. They claim Moustafa indulges in the use of synthol for growing his muscles. Next in the list is “The man whose arms exploded”. Gregg Valentino relies heavily on drugs, steroids and synthetic oil injections and is one among the most disliked personality in the bodybuilding arena. Gary Himing, the Australian body builder features third on the list. During his performance for the IFBB competition, Gary suffered a heart attack and collapsed. Despite administering CPR, the officials could not revive him and he died in the hospital. This incident highlighted the health risks associated with abuse of drugs and supplements. Next in the list is Sally McNeil who is presently serving a life sentence for murdering her husband. After her tenure in the Marine Corps, Sally was introduced to the world of bodybuilding by her husband. However the daily use of testosterone and steroids created havoc in her life and she started having episodes of seething rage and became uncontrollably violent. During one such incident she shot her husband in the chest which led to his death. Markus Ruhl who currently holds the record for having the biggest and strongest shoulders, believes that his muscles would pop out even more if he could dehydrate his body completely. The bodybuilder was disqualified from the 1999 Mr. Olympia competition after test results disclosed he was using diuretics.

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