Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths That Threw You Out Of Your Chair!


An important factor which makes a movie really interesting is the presence of many instances of surprise (or shock) in its screenplay. The unexpected twists and turns in the plot of a movie which leave the audience stunned, definitely make it a lot different compared to many other flicks with predictable outcomes. A common shock moment seen in many English movies is the unexpected death of a character which the audience relates to (or empathizes with) the most. Imagine a character who has impressed you right from the start of the movie with his mannerisms and dialogue delivery and is shot dead at a moment you least expected it to happen. Isn’t that heartbreaking? Numerous flicks are famous for surprising/shocking their audiences with such sudden deaths of important characters. Be it Steven Spielberg or Stanley Kubrick, this twist in the screenplay has worked wonders for many film makers and helped their work garner acclaim.

This list consists of 10 such popular Hollywood flicks which are known for that one scene which nobody expected to see. These movies include the psychological horror film ‘The Shining’, Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed flick ‘The Departed’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Remember that scene in ‘The Departed’, where Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon are on an elevator and you expected Damon to die? The elevator opens and Dicaprio is mercilessly shot on the head, which came as a shocker to the audience who loved the actor’s character in this film. ‘Pulp Fiction’ consists of many instances of bloodshed, but that moment which left many stunned was the unexpected death of Vincent Vega, the character essayed by John Travolta. The masses never expected Travolta to die when half the movie was still remaining. This Tarantino classic also consists of a scene where one of the characters gets killed when John Travolta accidentally pulls the trigger.

The 1980 horror flick, ‘The Shining’, which is considered one of the best films in its genre, also consists of many such unexpected shock moments. One such moment which shook the audience was the scene where Jack Nicholson waves an axe at the character played by yesteryear actor Scatman Crothers, instantly killing him. Not many expected that he would be killed in such a fashion while walking inside a room. Two other great films which are worth a mention are the Julianne Moore starrer ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Especially the scene in ‘Children of Men’, where Julianne Moore is shot on the head while travelling in a car, is something which movie lovers wouldn’t forget. Share this compilation with your buddies and all those movie buffs if it has managed to impress you.