Top 10 Dumbest Inventions That Will Make You Wonder Why Were They Even Invented!


With the advancement of science and technology, we are leading a life which is much easier than earlier. Machines aiding us in every sphere, we have achieved many milestones which were once considered impossible. Still the question remains if science is a boon or a bane. However, we have enlisted some dumbest inventions ever made which neither exhibits science as a boon nor a bane; it only makes us wonder how stupid science can turn out to be.

The first in this list is Shiri, the mechanical butt which responds to human touch. It is made up of silicone and displays various emotions like fear and pleasure depending on the way it is touched. Though this invention did not have any practical usage, the technology it used to recognize such emotions was highly appreciated. High 5 Simulator, known to be ‘a convenient outlet for the release of excitement’, follows next. The reason behind this invention was the lonesome sports followers who did not have anyone to share the joy of their favourite team’s win with. Next is Pet Rock, which was an innovation by entrepreneur Gary Dahl’s. Designed to help everyone own a pet, encompassing people who did not want to domesticate animals because of the mess they create. Unlike other pets, the pet rock will never create any chaos and sit quietly where it is placed. The product owes its entire success to the marketing strategy of Dahl as it has nothing extraordinary about it and yet people bought it for $4 each.

Foot Powered Bike or the Fliz Bike, with no pedals or a seat cannot even be called a proper cycle. Invented to help people ride in the city, it was met with criticism as the safety of riders was not taken into consideration while designing the Fliz bike. Moreover, for most part of the ride, the rider has to run and not ride. Another silly invention was the Golf Putting Bra. It was created to address the growing popularity of golf. This bra can be converted into a golf hole whenever a woman wants to play golf, but the stupid invention did not consider the fact that a woman would be undressed if she decides to use it to play. Parachute jacket, was created by French inventor Franz Reichelt to help pilots during emergencies. It was so dumb an invention that while testing it Reichelt lost his life, as he jumped off from the Eiffel Tower.

Among other such inventions are Mizar Flying Car, fat-free potato chips, baby cage and the fire box. All of these neither involved rationality nor any purpose, and now only remain as a means of entertainment. Share and laugh along by clicking the share button below.