This Newly-Wed Couple Gets On The Floor For The First Dance, But What They Do? UNEXPECTED!


The first dance between newly-wed couples is certainly a moment that lives with them through the rest of their lives and one that is imprinted in the minds of their loved ones who engulf the dance floor. While a good majority of love birds opt for the conventional slow-dance routine to a number they call their own, others go for a quick step routine or even off late the trend of having a flash mob to surprise the invitees is doing the rounds, but having said that, this routine is certainly the first of its kind. This fun-loving couple decided to break away from the norm of sharing a first dance to a lovey-dovey number, one that gets everyone around the couple swaying to the beats and feeling the love the newly-weds share, and instead they decided to share their first fight with those around. The couple breezed over the floor, while the husband reached for light sabers under the table adjacent to the floor, handed one to his wife and started a “first dance” routine that no one probably has witnessed or even imagined doing. Clearly full-fledged fans of George Lucas’s phenomenal series ’Star Wars,’ this quirky pair, and the fact that they did this made me fall in love with them, recreated the whole scene of the fight between Jedi Luke Skywalker and his father and Sith Darth Vader of the sixth instalment of the ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Return Of the Jedi.’

A craze that swept like a wave worldwide, the Star Wars series which is a brainchild of director George Lucas, has been flocked to since the 1977’s ‘Star Wars IV: The New Hope’ released. The effect that this franchise has lashed on its audience decade after decade has been transcendental and these two souls have clearly been bitten by the Jedi bug like millions across the world. Being a Star Wars fan myself, watching this a little over three minute first dance routine is not only a delight because of its idiosyncrasy but also the fact that millions across the globe can relate to them in a flash. Star Wars for some is not just a series, including me, it is an obsession and by being an obsession it becomes a way of live, and what is better than to showcase what you really love and include it on your most special day in front of your loved ones, like they just did.

The routine wasn’t choreographed to perfection but it is utterly adorable to watch this couple who love the same thing, start their lives together and through the dance routine, they are celebrating the love they harbor in their bosoms for each other.