These Doggies Just Committed A Crime…Watch What Happens When Dad Interrogates Them!


When we get a pet home, we treat them like our own children. We start from scratch, just as we would while teaching our babies to live in the human world. Not only do we feed them, bathe them and take good care of all their needs, we also teach them to communicate. As for our fur balls, they might not learn to speak our language, but they sure do understand each and every word we utter. Scientific research suggests that dogs have a high emotional quotient, which makes them more empathetic to human language and emotional needs. They are in fact capable of displaying intense feelings that may surprise most of us. Probably this is the reason why dogs are considered a man’s best friend. Our canine companions are also great at sensing our intentions, and maybe that’s why no matter how much you coax and cajole them, they will hide under the bed when its bath time. Our dogs also have the amazing ability to sniff out diseases long before we decide it’s time to visit the doctor. They know when you’re being unfair, or when you are afraid of something, and these gentle friends are always there to comfort you in those times.

The video is a proof of how our doggie babies can decipher human intonation and delivery of words. Laydie and Missy are definitely guilty about something at the start of the video. I mean, you can just see it in their big eyes. However, they do come running to greet their dad, when he calls out to them in a sweet voice. As he asks them in an affectionate tone, if they had a good day, watch how their ears go back in devotion, and they jump at their father with their cute bums shaking. The moment daddy plays the bad cop, asking rather sternly, Who tore my pants up though?, at 00:23, it is absolutely hilarious to see both Laydie and Missy running away from their human and hiding behind the door, almost as if blaming the other for the grave offense. The same is repeated and yes, the dogs reenact the whole scene. These babies are so damn intelligent that they not only know when they are wrong, but can also grasp the sudden shift in tone amazingly well and respond accordingly.

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