Plastic Bottle Life Hacks – How To Up Cycle Plastic Bottles?


Plastic waste disposal is a growing menace especially in the developing countries. The use of synthetic polymers has extended into every industry be it the manufacture of medical devices, furniture, home appliances, electronics etc. Statistics say that by the end of 2015 the global plastic consumption might be as high as 300 million tons.

Undoubtedly the quantities of plastic garbage produced will also reach tumultuous levels. The fact that plastic does not decompose easily is why we should try to recycle, up-cycle or reuse plastic objects as much as possible.

Her Crazy Russian Hacker is showing us some highly efficient life hacks using plastic bottles. In the first hack he punches some holes in the cover of a plastic bottle. You can use this to feed water to your dogs while you take them out for a walk. He also says that by using this modified apparatus you can save a lot of water, which would have otherwise spilled on to the pavement. In the next one he is making a home-made sprinkler using a plastic bottle. He makes some holes along the length of the bottle and attaches it to the water hose. When he turns on the tap voila we have our own ready to use sprinkler. Want to add a dash of color to your house without burning a hole in your pocket? Then this hack is definitely for you. The crazy Russian hacker takes a 12-hour-glow, red glow stick and puts it inside the bottle and fills it up with water. Your new incandescent light is ready. Place it in dark corners to lighten up the room and you’re all ready for guests. The soft glow of the neon light will transform the ambiance radically.
Do you have to twist and turn your hands like a ninja while washing your hands in the sink? Is the tap too small and causes you end up hurting your knuckles very often? This simple yet effective trick will end your woes in a jiffy. Take a plastic bottle and follow the steps as shown here to make an extension that you can fit on to the tap. It allows the water to fall at a greater distance from the edge of the sink thus providing more space for you. Need a cool way to stock up the remaining macaroni. Take two plastic bottles and cut off the top. Take one of the cut pieces and put the macaroni in it and cover it off with the other cut piece. There you go you have your own spill-proof, air tight cover for your macaroni.
Do let us know which of these are you going to try and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.