A Man & His Dog Have A Heated Argument Over Some Stolen Food & It’s Freakin’ Hilarious!


As pet owners, we often marvel at our animal’s ability to understand most of what we say. I believe they do understand how we say something, if not the exact words we utter. For instance, every time my friend called out to her pup, saying “Awww! You useless doggieeeeeeee….I love you sooo much!”, well, little Dee Dee would come prancing about for cuddles. She of course had no clue she was being called useless, because all that mattered was the love in her parent’s voice.

Studies have revealed that dogs on an average understand about 165 human words. The more we train, the better they learn. Probably, that’s why our pets know certain basic commands, such as “stay”, “sit”, “fetch” and “go”. I never took care to train my dogs, but they do understand the words “bone”, “treat” and “food”–the greedy buggers! Dogs also have the uncanny ability to grasp non-verbal signals, for instance our posture, intonation, volume, and hence they are brilliant learners, when it comes to hand gestures. My little one accepts all chiding, but will bark back if I point fingers at her.

As proof of all the argument about a dog’s comprehension skills, we see a man here, having a heated argument with his pet. The poor fur baby has eaten up his dad’s food, and the father is rebuking her for doing so. The pet is not the one to back down either, and she continues howling back at the man. As voices reach the highest decibels, the human keeps repeating that she needs to eat her own food, and not his meal. In return, the adorable dog just keeps on arguing, till he says she’s grounded and the squabble ceases. Do you think your fur ball understands every word of what you say? How does he/she respond? If your pets too respond like this…please pass it on.