10 Mysterious Photos That Could NEVER Be Explained. Anyone Has An Answer?!


Mysteries are an inseparable part of our existence; they always add an element of surprise and make our life worth living. Just imagine a mundane life where you know everything that happens in the world, the reasons behind them, the cause-effect relationships between things and have no questions to ask. That would be extremely boring and we would be left wanting some excitement in our day-to-day life. That is precisely the reason why it is good to experience certain phenomena that are left unexplained. Since we are curious beings by nature, it keeps us occupied and interested in events all around the world. Several such conundrums have been answered in the past years, and while we keep solving one mystery at a time, there are still some unknown facts that are yet to be given an explanation for.

For instance, on November 22, 1963, during the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, several eyewitnesses noticed a lady donning a headscarf who was photographing the event while everyone else was trying to flee from the scene. Even video footages showed that such a woman, who came to be known as the Babushka Lady due to her scarf, was really present there. However, investigations into the matter could reveal neither the identity of the woman nor the photographs she took. Weird, isn’t it? However, the mystery of the Hessdalen Lights is even more bizarre. The people of Hessdalen Valley, Norway often observe and photograph an unusual occurrence where bright yellow, red or white light appears just above the ground. While initially they were more frequent, nowadays they are seen only occasionally. Several years of study has been conducted so that we know the cause behind these lights, but to no avail. Interesting indeed, but perhaps the story of the Hook Island Sea Monster might appeal to you more. In 1964, a man named Robert Le Serrec and his wife claimed to have photographed a gigantic tadpole-like creature in Hook Island, Australia, swimming towards them. They claimed that it opened its mouth while they were clicking photographs, and then suddenly swam away. While some believe it is factual, others claim it’s a hoax and the photographs have been retouched. There are at least ten such mysterious photographs that are still lacking in appropriate answers. Despite best efforts, people are yet to explain these strange phenomena.

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