10 Most Dangerous Weapons Ever Created In The World


“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”—Albert Einstein. I hope what this great scientist once said, comes true in the near future, but for now, it is not an unknown fact that every single country in the world is competing against one another to gain political supremacy. Hatred has been on the rise, and to vent out this damaging emotion against people belonging to different races, communities and more importantly nations, we are inventing new weapons with each passing day. We all know how weapons are dangerous and most often not just mutilating but also life-taking. However, we aren’t talking about merely pistols and swords; what we are referring to here are those that have the potential to take millions of lives all at once.

Weapons that can affect human lives in multitude and cause as well as facilitate wars between two nations can vary from bombs to marine vessels to aircrafts and viruses. Take the Rocket Propelled Grenade (more commonly called the RPG) for instance, which was built as an anti-armor weapon. This non-guided, handheld weapon has the ability to be highly catastrophic, where the newer the version the more it can penetrate inside armor. Surpassing this is the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier which is considered to be the backbone of the US Navy. It weighs about 100,000 tons and measures almost 1100 feet in length. Apart from containing 85 jet fighters, the twin nuclear reactors that it houses do not need to be refueled for at least 23 years. If you think nothing can surpass that, then you’re gravely mistaken. We don’t even need to consider the US-built MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) and the Russian answer to it, FOAB (Father of All Bombs). A simple bioweapon that can combine the lethal characteristics of diseases such as small pox and Ebola has the power to eradicate an entire human race. Viruses such as the Chimera are considered to be some of the most dangerous weapons that do not use bombs.

Wars are very destructive, but unless each one of us existing in this world comes to the same realization, these needless fights will continue. As long as such wars are waged, nations across the world will continue making new weapons to combat each other on the battlefield. If you found this information about the top 10 most dangerous weapons interesting, please share.