10 Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51


Area 51 is a United States Air Force facility, which was originally called “Paradise Ranch”. It later came to be known as “The Ranch” since this name appealed to a lot of construction workers. This region is heavily guarded and the secrecy maintained about its actual purpose has led to the rise of several conspiracy theories and speculations about alien activities. In fact, motion sensors have been fixed around the entire periphery of the area in order to maintain confidentiality.

The region is guarded by people dressed in uniform that disguises them in the desert, and hence they are known as “Cammo Dudes”. Recognition of the area by the US government was sanctioned only in 2013. The CIA says it was being used to test the engineering of surveillance and aviation technology. The region was also used by the government to launch aircrafts into other countries as a test for military fighter planes. The airspace in this area, known as R-4808 spreads across an area of 1480 square kilometers. Only authorized pilots are allowed to fly aircrafts there. In case anyone else is found flying a plane, it accounts to trespassing and he is subjected to a sentence in prison along with court martial and dishonorable discharge. For entertainment of those employed there, Area 51 is attached to a sci-fi brothel, where clients get the opportunity to dress up like Darth Vader and spend an entire night with a lady, Storm Trooper.

It also houses a bowling alley and a tennis court, which are the only sources of entertainment for those living there, since radio and television signals cannot be identified. The largest nuclear test in USA was conducted near Area 51, at the Yucca Flat Test Site, which had an impact 5 times greater than the bombing at Hiroshima. The costumes, equipment as well as military personnel for the famous Will-Smith starrer, ‘Independence Day’, was supposed to be provided by the US government, but the inclusion of Area 51 in the script, forced the authorities to withdraw at the last moment. According to intelligence reports, the Soviets used infrared satellites to fish out information about a classified plane from Area 51. To counter this move, crew members at the US Air Force facility used cardboard to make decoys.

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