This Girl Can Talk Backwards And It’s Mind Bogglingly Weird!


Talent resides in people and it has no existence without humans. Some follow their interest areas and gain expertise in those fields by nurturing them as they grow up. While some choose to mesmerize others with their soothing voice; others prefer to set the stage on fire with their grooving movements; and some others like to splash their paintbrush over the canvas to give a form to their imagination. It might also happen that one capable of mastering ‘Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do’ may have two left feet; and one not skipping a beat while dancing might not know how to sing in melody. There are others who can neither sing nor dance but can definitely get people in rhythm with their expertise in playing the instruments. These are known talents which we have been witnessing such people conquering these in our vicinity as well as internationally.

However, talent has no bounds and it can show up in various forms, irrespective of any genre. Every such faculty is unique even if it belongs to the same genre, and needs to be nurtured and treasured.

Here we come across a young girl whose talent swept us off our feet. She is phenomenal, exceptional, remarkable, impressive, peerless, and all such adjectives put together. We are certain that knowing about her talent will take you by surprise in the same way as it amazed us. Heard about palindromes? We are sure most of us are familiar with this term, and reading a palindrome does not require any special talent as it reads the same from left to right or right to left because they spell the same both ways such as ‘level’, ‘madam’ and ‘reviver’.
Alyssa Kramer from Oklahoma is the girl we are talking about and she realized the talent of hers when she was about seven-years-old. The girl is capable of speaking backward and her response is as spontaneous as spontaneous can be. According to her, as soon as she hears a word it gets registered in her brain like a picture and reading it backwards becomes an easy thing. We thought all should know about her talent and thus, shared it. If you feel the same, click the share button below.